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Naperville League of Women Voters: Positions against districting and term limits

“The League of Women Voters of Naperville supports the at-large system for electing Naperville City Council members. An at-large system allows citizens to have a vote for all Council seats, making the entire city the constituency of each Council member.”

Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce: Position opposing districting

“We believe that the institution of ward based elections for the City Council will create an incentive and environment for increased taxes, spending and debt.”

State Senator Kirk Dillard:

“I believe in letting the PEOPLE decide.”

Jim Kennedy, Elmhurst City Councilman:

“I like the ward form of government since it means that you have all parts of your town represented.  In an at-large format, it is possible to have all your representatives from one or two areas of a town making decisions for all the residents without everyone being suitably represented.  Certainly there is good and bad with each approach, but equal representation has in my opinion been a benefit to Elmhurst.”