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City Council to consider term limits

June 14th, 2010 . by admin

The Naperville Voter Education League, which has previously hosted events discussing the implementation of term limits for members of the Naperville City Council, supports the City Council’s decision to address the subject of Term Limits among its agenda items for its meeting on Tuesday, June 15, 2010.

“The City Council recognizes the hard work put in by members of the Naperville Voter Education League,” stated the NVEL’s Bill Eagan. “Our organization has worked diligently to gather the required number of signatures for the City Council to consider this issue. Judging from the number of signatures we’ve obtained, it’s fair to say that Naperville’s citizens want to have a chance to cast their vote on this issue at election time.”

The NVEL encourages Naperville residents to attend the June 15 City Council meeting to show support for placing a question concerning term limits on an upcoming ballot. Once the City Council approves placing a question on a ballot, the NVEL and other organizations can begin educating a wider audience of Naperville residents on the matter.

The mission of the Naperville Voter Education League is to facilitate discussions of issues among Naperville voters in an impartial manner and to provide a forum in which all related facts and positions may be shared. If the subject of term limits for Naperville City Council members is placed on an upcoming election ballot, the NVEL will host town hall meetings to help better educate the public and provide a forum for discussion on the subject.

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